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Simple, rustic decor with The Fens

2nd December 2015

The Fens - office

At Earthborn we believe everyone should have a space at home that offers a moment of calm. Whether that’s a cosy living room or a quiet corner of a bedroom – somewhere to sit, take stock and be still for a few minutes.


The Fens is our latest colour trend, with a focus on rustic simplicity that transcends any decorating fads or interior design fashions. It’s about taking the time to find some peace and quiet in a hectic world; and creating a little slice of calm at home.


The Fens 0011 1


In this story we champion simple design, quality craftsmanship and natural materials; with a colour palette of cool neutrals and warm greys that enhance the feeling of serenity. Delicate foliage and organic shapes are a nod to Japanese aesthetics, whilst modern designs are inspired by Scandinavian classics, resulting in a look we call ‘Scandinese’. Stone, cork and driftwood provide subtle texture, combined with thrown pottery and handwoven baskets.


The Fens 0022 The Fens 0025


Colour inspiration for this look comes directly from nature – think of rugged landscapes and windswept coastlines. To create a rustic, simple decor at home, mix warm greys like Kissing Gate with earthy fawn tones such as Rocky Horse, for a timeless colour scheme. The cool white of Picket Fence (discontinued) and deep charcoal of Hidey-Hole add tonal interest, along with grey-greens like Gregory’s Den. Add a hint of warm cream and palest lilac to soften the look.


Kissing Gate   Rocky Horse     Hidey-Hole   Gregory's Den


Fancy a try? Order a free colour card! And see the rest of our colour trends here.

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