Our favourite washable white paints

Colour can bring the best out of a room and really highlight features, but we know neutrals are also a favourite with Earthborn fans and nothing compares to going back to basics and using white as a strong neutral.

No matter the size of your room, or the style of home you are decorating, a good washable white paint is a great place to start.

Using white and neutral colours for both walls and ceilings brings a fresh and calming energy to the space and lets you be creative with accessories, furniture, and other décor which you can switch up each season.

A few of our most popular shades are from our lovely collection of whites and neutrals. We’ve highlighted some of our most sought-after colours, as chosen by you, to spark some inspiration for your next home decorating project.

If you choose these colours for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and living rooms, we’d recommend our Lifestyle finish which is a washable low sheen emulsion.

Alternatively, for woodwork our Eggshell No. 17 works a treat and can also be wiped clean; or if you’re looking for something ultra matt and breathable for your walls, try our Claypaint finish (but this isn’t washable!)

White Clay


Our White Clay hue is a completely natural white colour which is perfect for creating a soft yet clean sanctuary.

This off-white is easy on the eye and pairs well with almost any other colour.



Flutterby is nearly white but not quite. It’s an elusive, enduring neutral shade and a crisper alternative to White Clay.

Used in our Lifestyle emulsion it’s the perfect durable and washable paint for walls and ceilings.



Hopscotch is the perfect neutral as it works in any room orientation and can be used alone or as a perfect backdrop for any colour scheme.

A warm, chalky off-white that draws you in and elevates any space.

Up Up Away


Up Up Away is a relaxed off-white colour that’s at home in all spaces.

Its cool, calm, and collected presence lifts you up into the clouds and fills a space with a calming backdrop.

Fresh Air


As the name suggests, Fresh Air is a very soft and gentle white with a touch of green that gives it a fresh, airy feel in all rooms.

It’s perfect for someone who loves a strong white but still wants a tiny hint of colour.

St John


St John is a strong white with very subtle grey undertones making it perfect for grown up spaces in need of a calming effect.

This shade works well in kitchens and bedrooms as it brightens the room but has enough depth to hold its own.

When choosing a white or neutral shade for your decorating project it’s important to keep in mind the durability and overall use of the space that’s being painted, as pale colours are likely to show scuffs and marks more than darker colours.

Our favourite washable white paints come in our durable and washable Lifestyle emulsion which makes them perfect for busy homes or high traffic areas. Using this finish means you can wipe and clean your walls to ensure that you get the most out of your paint and keep it looking fresher for longer.

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