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Silicate Primer

For bare porous unpainted masonry substrates such as lime plaster, stone, pebbledash & concrete.

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For masonry substrates with previous masonry paint application.

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A DIY Guide to a Very Earthborn Christmas

13th December 2021

With Christmas around the corner, we can’t think of a better way to get in the festive spirit than with some homemade DIY crafts. With sustainability continuing to be a huge focus with more of us recycling and reclaiming than ever. It’s easy to see why experts predict DIY Décor will be a huge trend for Christmas 2021.

Here at Earthborn we have created a how to guide for some super easy crafts featuring our very own Eco Chic . To be bang on trend with your Christmas 2021 DIY décor we suggest burnished berry and neutral shades.

Christmas Twig Tree

Tree using Claypaint in colour Woodsmoke to add accents to twigs.

Tree using Claypaint in colour Wood smoke to add accents to twigs.

This one is super simple, and it can be used anywhere to bring a bit of festivity to your home. All you need is to collect some sticks on your next walk, try to go for those that are naturally quite straight. Then gather some string or twine and arrange the sticks from smallest to largest so that it creates a shape of a tree, (you may need to trim some of the sticks to make the smaller point). Once you have arranged them you can begin painting the sticks or you may simply wish to keep it natural. After leaving them to dry and you can begin tying twine to each one individually leaving a 1-2 cm gap.

Christmas Pine Cones

Ombre pine cones using Claypaint colours Ladybug, Rosie Posie, Sunday Stroll and Woodsmoke

Ombre pine cones using Claypaint colours Lady bug, Rosie Posie, Sunday Stroll and Wood smoke

A fun way to get little ones involved in Christmas crafts is to send them on a hunt for pine cones on your next walk. Once you have your pine cones bring them indoors and leave them near a window so that the sunlight will help them to dry and open right up ready for decorating. You can play around with different painting techniques such as dipping them in paint, brushing the edges for a frosted look and even adding a bit of sparkle with our mica gold pigment.  Leave your pine cones to dry. Then tie some string to the tip to use them as natural baubles on your tree. You could also put them in a bowl to create a festive themed centrepiece for your coffee table or even paint a bottle cap and place them on top to create cute mini trees perfect for name holders.

Festive Wreath

Festive cardboard wreath using Claypaint colour Ladybug and Little Rascal for ribbon

Festive cardboard wreath using Claypaint colour Lady bug and Little Rascal for ribbon

You know those cardboard tubes you get in kitchen roll and toilet roll? Well don’t put them in the recycling bin just yet, they’re perfect for creating eye catching festive wreaths. The fun thing with this is that they can be as simple or elaborate as you like with a whole range of patterns you can play with.

Paint your tubes in your chosen colour or colours and allow to dry. Gently press the tube down so that it is completely flat. Once flattened you then need to cut the tube into strips depending on your chosen thickness, we recommend at least 2cm thick. Arrange the sections of tube into a pattern that comes together to form a circular shape, experiment with different layouts and once happy use some glue to adhere into place. If you wanted, you could repeat the process again with smaller tubes to add an additional layer. Once completed allow to dry and use some string to hang into place.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Recycled brown paper using Claypaint in Woodsmoke

Recycled brown paper using Claypaint in Wood smoke

Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable because of the inks or foils that are used to make them. By making your own wrapping paper you’re doing your bit in helping the planet. Taking the time to make your own wrapping paper not only adds to the overall gifting experience but you get to have fun too.

You can pick up a brown roll of parcel paper almost anywhere fairly cheaply. Plus it’s perfect for creating that homemade rustic feel. After rolling out the paper you will need to decide on a design, we recommend sticking with simple shapes so it’s easier to repeat. Using our Claypaint you can paint directly onto the paper with a fine brush, repeating the drawing until you’re happy. Alternatively, you could apply a thin layer of our paint onto a stamp and press it onto the paper which will give you a clean uniform design.

Once your loved ones have finished opening your presents, your wrapping paper can go straight into recycling as our paint is fully bio degradable!

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our festive craft suggestions. Make sure to tag us on Instagram in your creations with #VeryEarthbornChristmas and keep updated with everything Earthborn, by subscribing to our newsletter.

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