Zesty Summer Palettes | Spotlight on Pinks and Reds

Summer vibes alert! Pink and red are taking over, and for good reason. These two colours may have the same undertones, but one’s bold and rich, while the other is soft and delicate – making them the ultimate power couple of hues. When paired together with complementary hues the result is a warm and inviting colour scheme, reminiscent of summer zest all year round!

Can-Can, Freckle and Peach Baby

Ah, the colours of summer! Can-Can, Freckle, and Peach Baby together in an interior colour scheme radiate sunshine and warmth – just like a perfect summer day. It’s like bringing the outdoors in, minus the sweat and sunburns.

These hues are the ultimate mood booster for any room! Just like a summer trifle, this combination of Peach Baby, Can-Can, and Freckle cake is basically the taste of summer in a bowl…we mean tin!

Lady Bug and Jemima

Who says summer has to be all about bright and bold? Pastel yellow and deep burgundy is the ultimate sophisticated summer combination. Think a large jug of Sangria on a hot summer’s day with a garnish of lemon.

The warm, rich tone of Lady Bug evokes a sense of sophistication whilst pastel yellow Jemima balances this with a laid back feel. This scheme is perfect for small intimate spaces such as hallways, utility rooms or reading nooks.

Can-Can, Freckle and Cupcake

Imagine watching the sky turn into a kaleidoscope of hues as the day comes to a close, with fiery reds, bleeding into oranges and soft pinks. Can-Can, Freckle and Cupcake used in a scheme captures the warm, vibrant energy of a summer evening sky.

Perfect for bringing a touch of warmth and whimsy to your interior design. Elevate your next project with a backdrop of Cupcake, a statement wall painted in Freckle and red playful pops of Can-Can in woodwork using our Eggshell No.17.

Peach Baby and Delilah

Peach Baby and Delilah – the perfect combo to bring a taste of summer zest into your space! These warm, juicy hues are like a ripe peach on a sunny afternoon, full of sweet and tangy goodness.

Try pairing with a warm neutral like White Clay to balance the boldness of the colours and avoid the scheme feeling too sickly sweet.

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