Washable kitchen paint colours for the foodie family

The heart of the home for a foodie family is the kitchen.

Whether it’s experimenting with new recipes, hosting dinner parties, or encouraging budding young chefs to get stuck in – one thing is certain, the kitchen will see a lot of spills, splashes and mess.

Most people will agree that making and eating the food is great fun, but cleaning up afterwards is not! That’s where our washable Lifestyle paint comes in, you can simply wipe clean with a damp sponge and hey presto – a nice, clean kitchen again.

Here’s our pick of the best washable kitchen paint colours…


Traditionally, kitchens were painted white to make them feel airy and clean which is, of course, important when handling food.

We also like to think that white kitchens are the blank canvas for the injection of colour through food. A foodie family may like to pay homage to this with a neutral backdrop of our warm chalky white, Hopscotch.

Painted in our washable Lifestyle emulsion, the foodie family’s kitchen can be protected against mess and splashes that the process of cooking inevitably brings.

Wood Smoke

Another foodie tradition that spans back to ancient times is using wood to flavour food.

Of course, we suspect foodie families may already know this, and we think that they’d appreciate our suggestion of using our neutral Wood Smoke in their homes.

White with the slightest hint of violet, Wood Smoke would suit every room from kitchens to bedrooms – and works particularly well in south facing spaces to balance the intensity of warm light.


We couldn’t suggest washable kitchen colours for a foodie family without mentioning our sugar sweet hue Cupcake now could we?

Just like its namesake, this pink is good enough to eat (but please don’t eat our paint) and works especially well in kitchens when paired with similar hues for a sophisticated and tonal scheme.

For something a little more grown up pair with a warm neutral like White Clay or a sage green like Sunday Stroll.

Tom’s Bakery

A foodie family will tell you there is nothing more comforting than the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven.

Now what if we told you that wholesome feeling can be felt all year round in any home by using our comforting beige Tom’s Bakery.

Depending on the light this neutral hue can appear greyer in north facing rooms or slightly brown in south facing spaces, but either way, we guarantee Tom’s Bakery will have you feeling nostalgic.

Painted in our washable Lifestyle emulsion, a foodie family can get back to baking without worrying about making a mess.

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