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For bare porous unpainted masonry substrates such as lime plaster, stone, pebbledash & concrete.

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For masonry substrates with previous masonry paint application.

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Virtual room selector for Earthborn paints and Kährs flooring

28th January 2016

It’s exciting when two brands with shared values come together. And this year we’re excited to announce a new venture for Earthborn; we’ve partnered with sustainable flooring company Kährs, one of the world’s oldest wood flooring manufacturers.


Visit the Kährs website and you will find a new virtual showroom. Select from a whole host of room options, from living rooms to kitchens, and here you can change not only the flooring but the wall colours too, based on the Earthborn palette of 72 shades. Simply change the room, floor type and paint shade by clicking on the tabs below the image:


Kahrs Virtual Showroom       Kahrs Virtual Showroom


Founded in Sweden in 1857, Kährs supply wood floors all over the world. They have a long history of crafting high quality floors made from sustainable timbers, using a variety of traditional methods. But they also have an innovative approach to producing environmentally friendly, design-led products too, just as we do at Earthborn.


For example, Kährs was the first flooring company to manufacture multi-layered floorboards, known as engineered wood. They also pioneered the Woodloc™ joint, eliminating the need for glue when fitting a floor.


Kahrs Virtual Showroom

Featuring walls in Gregory’s Den


Kahrs Virtual Showroom

Featuring walls in Reading Room


Our Marketing Manager Cathryn explains more about our partnership:


“When Kährs approached us, we felt that we shared similar ideals for how products with a sustainable outlook can and should be used more in homes. Often people think ‘eco’ means being off-trend, however we want to show as many people as possible that sustainable products can stand up and compete with more conventional brands.”


Kahrs virtual showroom

Featuring walls in Damson Mousse


Kahrs virtual showroom

Featuring walls in Riverbank


We’ve already had lots of fun trying out the virtual room selector. Of course, the best way to select a new paint shade is always by trying out a tester in your own room. But this is a fantastic way of getting a feel for how certain shades in the Earthborn palette might look on a larger scale and paired with different floors.


Featuring walls in Polka Dot


Kahrs virtual showroom

Featuring walls in Hidey-Hole


It just goes to prove that a new floor or paint colour really can transform a space. Take a look and see for yourself…

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