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Using paint to create a calm living space

18th June 2018

Sample pots flat lay

Returning home after a long and busy day is when the majority of us simply want to relax, and believe it or not your décor can make an enormous difference when trying to unwind.

The paint colours that you choose can have a dramatic effect on the mood of a room and, as each room will have a specific purpose, you first need to understand what atmosphere you want to create before choosing the all-important paint colour. With these in mind you are half way there, you can then identify the colour palette you want to use for each room that will help to achieve the desired effect.

Colours to help you relax

By and large the colours considered to be relaxing tend to be the softer, cooler colours on the spectrum which can include Blues, Greens, Purples, Greys, to name but a few, and the reasons behind their relaxation qualities are relatively obvious.

Blue shades – Its connotations with the soft waves of the ocean or the skies of a summers day make shades of blue a clear choice when choosing a calming colour palette for your living spaces. Although many interior designers warn against using the colour blue in your dining room as it is thought to supress your appetite.

Blue paint shades

Green shades – Using Green will take you back to nature, from muted shades to those deep greens, it is a colour that can be used in multiple rooms around the house. If you want to create a relaxing space in which to work (e.g. home office or kitchen) green is a great choice to aid concentration.

Green paint shades

Greys – Grey is the colour of the moment, with its ability to emit a calming yet sophisticated atmosphere, it is a great choice for the trendsetters amongst you. Grey in particular can transform a kitchen into a modern yet homely living space.

grey paint shades

Purples – Purples can be a tricky colour to incorporate into a home, choosing the wrong shade has the potential to date a room, however soft or muted purples will create a chic living space.

Purple paint shades

We would love to see how you have created a calm living space using Earthborn paints, tweet your pictures by tagging @Earthbornpaints

Happy painting!

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