Toy Soldier in action on his Christmas Adventure

Toy Soldier has marched into our hearts this Christmas, and with his bold yet deep alluring colour, we are sure he’s here to stay throughout the coming year. Below we’ve put together a few of our favourite colour schemes, that will inspire you well beyond the festivities of Christmas.

Toy Soldier and Humpty Dumpty

Toy Soldier and Humpty Dumpty make quite the contrasting duo! Sitting opposite on the colour wheel, the deep blue of Toy Soldier sings merrily against the bright, almost golden, yellow of Humpty Dumpty.

The depth of Toy Soldier brings strength, reliability, and a sense of duty, representing a bold statement that never gets old. Humpty Dumpty’s cheerful yellow complements this with its radiating warmth, optimism, and creativity.

Together, these colours create an appealing contrast in a scheme that finds balance between a moody statement and joyful freshness. Toy Soldier’s stability offers a solid foundation for Humpty Dumpty’s exuberance – don’t be surprised if you find this match under the mistletoe!

Trumpet, Tick-Tock, Rocky horse

The captivating colour combination comes together in an unexpected yet charming way.

Trumpet’s regal purple exudes a sense of creativity, dignity, and ambition, providing a vibrant base for the group.

Tick-Tock and Toy Soldier work together harmoniously evoking feelings of tranquillity and calm with a timeless quality.

Lastly, Rocky Horse’s rich mushroom hue signifies stability, and a connection to nature, grounding the group with a warmth and earthy charm. Together, these colours create a tapestry that balances the vibrancy of purple, the stability of the blues, and the earthiness of grey brown, resulting in a combination that feels both lively and comforting, making them a delightful colour scheme.

Paw Print and Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier and Paw Print form a playful duo with their combination of blue and neutral lilac tones.

Toy Soldier represents strength and embodies a bold resilience that’s perfect for a statement wall. This balances when paired with the calmness, serenity, and adaptability of Paw Print.

The bold blue creates a sense of stability and purpose, while the neutral lilac brings a touch of softness and versatility to the mix. Together, they strike a balance between strength and gentleness, forming a pairing that blends a bold statement with a soothing and adaptable demeanour.

Dorothy and Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier and Dorothy create a harmonious match with their shared tones of blue; merging strength and tranquillity seamlessly.

Toy Soldier’s deep blue resonates with reliability and a sense of duty. Dorothy’s light blue colour, reminiscent of clear skies and serenity, adds a touch of calmness and purity to the pairing.

Together, these blues create a beautiful alliance, blending Toy Soldier’s bold nature with Dorothy’s peaceful and soothing essence. The combination reflects a good balance with the use of similar colours, forming a bond that feels both strong and serene.

Although our Toy Soldier is a bold and deep blue that makes all who look at it stand to attention at its beauty and richness, it is easily paired with multiple different colour schemes.


If you’ve not yet caught up on Toy Soldier’s Christmas adventure, make sure you read his heartwarming story here, it’ll give you all the festive feels.

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