The Toy Soldier's Christmas Adventure

This Christmas, follow our Toy Soldier on his adventure in a heartwarming story about friendship and togetherness at Christmas.

Dorothy was a little girl who loved to play with her toys. Her favourite toy was a Toy Soldier.

He wore a deep blue coat, with a matching blue hat and gold shiny buttons.

The Toy Soldier had a trumpet that he used to play music for Dorothy.

The Toy Soldier loved Dorothy very much and was always by her side.

One day, Dorothy’s family decided to go on a trip for Christmas.

Dorothy wanted to bring Toy Soldier with her, but her parents said he would be safer at home where he wouldn’t get lost.

This made the Toy Soldier sad as he wanted to spend Christmas with her.


So, he decided to go on an adventure and make his own way to Dorothy.

He climbed down from the shelf and asked his friend Rocky Horse if he would take him to Dorothy.

Rocky Horse was delighted to help and told the little Toy Soldier to hop on and hold tight if he didn’t want to end up like Humpty Dumpty!


Toy Soldier and Rocky Horse met many friends along the way, including a friendly dog who left mucky Paw Prints on the Toy Soldier’s coat.

Finally, they reached where Dorothy and her family were staying.

It was Christmas Eve and a Tick-Tock echoed through the living room. Toy Soldier looked at the clock, it was almost midnight.

He saw a huge Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. He found himself a cosy spot under the tree and closed his eyes, he was tired after his long journey.

The next morning Toy Soldier was woken by the biggest hug from Dorothy.

She was overjoyed that he came and said he was the best Christmas present ever!


Merry Christmas from the Earthborn team x

Illustration of Dorothy holding Toy Soldier.

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