The best paint colours for the animal lover family

In the home of the animal lover family, everything is designed around the care and comfort of their furry companions, so why should their paint and colour scheme be any different?

We’ve picked out a few of our best paint colours for the animal lover family, all of which are available in our washable and durable Lifestyle finish, ideal for wiping away those mucky paw marks or splashes.


If one thing is for certain, Whisker really is the cat’s whiskers amongst animal lovers!

This cool grey works towards creating a clean sanctuary for both humans and their 4 legged friends. With perfectly balanced undertones of blue and green, pairing Whisker with similar hues such as Gregory’s Den or Gingham will help promote feelings of calm and relaxation…purrfect!

Paw Print

Muddy paws and cheeky claws are a mainstay in every animal lover’s home.

Whilst mucky paw prints are not always welcomed on our walls, Paw Print certainly will be.

This nature inspired mushroom hue will help pets and animal lovers feel right at home. With a hint of violet, Paw Print has calming properties that will help to soothe and reduce stress levels.


Did you know that green is one of the few colours that dogs and cats can see?

Choosing green as the backdrop of your colour scheme will help furry friends differentiate between surfaces in the home.

Grassy is our elegant green with grey undertones. Reminiscent of misty landscapes, we think animal lovers and their pets will love being at one with nature, bringing the outdoors in with this colour.

Donkey Ride

We couldn’t pick the best paint colours for animal lovers without mentioning Donkey Ride.

Not only does its name-sake link directly to an animal lover’s favourite topic (animals), but this warm neutral can introduce harmony in any space.

Perfectly balanced, Donkey Ride is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too. Beige can help to disguise any dirty marks or scuffs that inevitably come with owning pets.

For marks a little too big to hide, Lifestyle emulsion is washable making cleaning a breeze.

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