The best paint colours for the adventurous family

The adventurous family are known for always being on the go, trying new hobbies and seeking brand new experiences!

As such, this family needs an equally adventurous colour scheme that comes in a durable and washable finish to keep up with their busy lifestyle.

They need the best durable matt paint to withstand their active lifestyle and ensure easy maintenance.

We’ve rounded up our favourite colours for the home of the adventurous family…

Humpty Dumpty

Nothing lifts energy levels more than our happiest ochre Humpty Dumpty.

This easygoing yellow has perfectly balanced undertones of red and brown meaning it’s ideal to use in any room with any light, whether it’s north, south, east or west facing.

Use in your hallway in our durable Lifestyle finish for the warmest of welcomes and fondest of farewells every time you leave your house for your next adventure.


Not one to blow our own trumpet, but could this be the most beautiful hue you ever did see?

Trumpet is ideal for adventurous family homes due to its chameleon charm. Purple or blue, it’s up for debate, but one thing’s certain – it makes a high impact in any room.

Use Trumpet in our washable Lifestyle finish for your bathroom to relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring.

Bobble Hat

Whether it’s paddle boarding, kayaking or exploring waterfalls – an adventurer takes to water like a duck… well, to water.

We think there isn’t a blue more fitting for the adventurous family than our deepest lagoon blue Bobble Hat.

Vivid yet sophisticated, using our splashable Lifestyle in Bobble Hat will help bring that refreshing feeling of being around water in your home, all day long.


Summer is perhaps the most favourable season for the adventurous family. The warm weather and increased daylight hours mean extra time for new experiences.

As such, we think the adventurous family needs a reminder of their favourite season all year round. Cricket, our beautifully soft green injects that summer feeling into any room and is super versatile working in many colour schemes. Here we’ve used it with Delilah to create a tantalising watermelon themed scheme which would be perfect for quenching an adventurer’s thirst after a day of exploring.


The best durable matt paint in our range is Lifestyle, which has a hard wearing and scuff resistant finish for those areas in your home that are likely to get knocked and scraped as you go from one adventure to the next.

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