Gosh Golly in all it's Glory

We’ve got some delightful and creative colour pairings to get your creativity flowing with Gosh Golly.

Grab a cup of coffee, put on your favourite tunes, and let’s jump into the delightful world of Gosh Golly.

Contrasting colour pairings with Gosh Golly

Humpty Dumpty: Imagine a cosy nursery or a whimsical playroom where Gosh Golly’s vibrancy is balanced by the soft, warmth of Humpty Dumpty. This duo is like a comforting hug, perfect for creating a nurturing and fun environment for your little ones.

Sunday Stroll: Picture a serene bedroom or a calming living room where Gosh Golly meets the tranquil charm of Sunday Stroll. This combination brings a sense of peace and relaxation, making it ideal for spaces where you unwind and recharge.

Balloon Ride: Add a touch of whimsy and joy to any space by pairing Gosh Golly with the deep Balloon Ride. This pairing is perfect for creating an uplifting atmosphere in a kitchen or a playful dining area.

Gosh Golly Contrasting text and illustrations with Humpty Dumpy Sunday Stroll and Balloon Ride

White pairings for a crisp and clean look

White never goes out of style, and pairing it with Gosh Golly can create a refreshing and sophisticated look. Here are some wonderful whites to consider:

Piglet: This soft, delicate white adds a gentle contrast to Gosh Golly, perfect for a nursery or a peaceful reading nook.

White Clay: For a more earthy and grounded feel, White Clay brings warmth and depth to the vibrant energy of Gosh Golly. It’s a fantastic choice for a modern living room or a chic home office.

Marbles: Add a touch of elegance with Marbles, a cool and refined white that complements Gosh Golly beautifully. This combination works wonderfully in a sleek kitchen or a contemporary bathroom.

Gosh Golly Whites with Piglet White Clay and Marbles

Warm neutrals for a cozy ambiance

Warm neutrals can create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere when paired with Gosh Golly. Check out these inviting options:

Feather Pillow: This warm, taupe like hue adds a touch of sophistication and comfort to Gosh Golly. It’s perfect for creating a cosy living room or a stylish bedroom retreat.

Muddy Boots: For a more rustic and earthy vibe, Muddy Boots provides a rich and warm backdrop to Gosh Golly’s playful energy. Think charming kitchens or a cosy front room with a rustic twist.

gosh golly sample pot flat lay

Cool neutrals for a modern edge

Cool neutrals bring a fresh and modern feel to any space. Pair them with Gosh Golly for a contemporary look:

Bunny Hop: This cool, subtle taupe complements Gosh Golly’s vibrancy with a sleek and sophisticated touch. Perfect for a modern living room or a chic dining area.

Hopscotch: Add a hint of playful elegance with Hopscotch, a chalky off white that balances Gosh Golly’s boldness. Ideal for creating a edgy bedroom or a stylish bathroom.

Gosh Golly cool Neutrals with Bunny Hop and Hopscotch

Harmonious colour pairings for a balanced palette

For those who love a harmonious and cohesive look, these colour pairings create a beautifully balanced palette with Gosh Golly:

Inglenook: This soft, smoky hue adds a touch of warmth and comfort to Gosh Golly. Perfect for a cosy living room or a welcoming entryway.

Cupcake: Bring a touch of sweetness and charm with Cupcake, a gentle pastel that complements Gosh Golly’s playful nature. Great for a delightful nursery or a cheerful kitchen.

Can-Can: Add a dash of sophistication and elegance with Can-Can, a rich, muted tone that enhances Gosh Golly’s vibrancy. Ideal for a stylish dining room or a luxurious bedroom.

Rosie Posie: This delightful pink adds a touch of romance and whimsy to Gosh Golly. Perfect for a dreamy bedroom or a lovely bathroom on suit retreat.

Gosh Golly Harmonious Inglenook Cupcake Can-Can Rosie Posie

Get creative and start painting

There you have it, folks!

Whether you’re looking to create a cosy haven, a modern retreat, or a whimsical wonderland, these colour pairings with Gosh Golly and Earthborn Paints have got you covered.

Remember, decorating your home is all about expressing your personality and having fun.

So, grab those paintbrushes, unleash your inner decorator, and let your imagination run wild.

Feel free to share your colourful creations with us, and let’s inspire each other to create beautiful, vibrant homes.

Happy painting!

Gosh Golly And Balloon

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