Spotlight on Flora’s Tale: Our favourite colour pairings

Breathe some fresh life into your home and let’s indulge our Treat your Senses Collection by shining the spotlight on Flora’s Tale.

We explore how to make the most of this stunning colour and share our favourite colour pairings to create the perfect palette.

Whether you’re looking to create harmony with complementary colours, add a splash of contrast, or keep things soothing and neutral, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started!

Flora’s Tale is a beautiful, vintage dusky pink that has floral roots balanced with deep earthy tones and whispers nature’s secrets.

Its vintage touch gives it a timeless quality and brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

Flora's Tale White's Pairings close up

Harmonious scheme

Flora’s Tale, with its delicate dusky pink hue, finds perfect harmony when paired with our Paw Print, Lady Bug, or Rosie Posie.

Paw Print is a warm tone ideal for spaces that take their inspiration from nature. It’s basically a ‘Mushroom’ for grown-ups and provides a calming backdrop that enhances Flora’s Tale’s gentle warmth, creating a serene and inviting space.

A richly toned burgundy, this dramatic, jewel of a colour is highly versatile. Lady Bug would impress in all property styles, from contemporary kitchens to stately drawing rooms.

Complementing this, Rosie Posie a vintage pink with rose undertones is ideal with faded florals and soft linens a charming and playful pink, adds an extra layer of warmth and whimsy, bringing a delightful balance to the palette.

Flora's Tale Harmonious LR

Contrasting Colour schemes

If you’re in the mood for some contrast and excitement, Hobgoblin and Balloon Ride are a dynamic duo.

Hobgoblin, is an easy-going green with a subtle hint of blue, helping create a relaxed and positive look in dining rooms or on feature walls.

Meanwhile, Balloon Ride is a deep blue and hidden in the depths of this inky shade are warm green undertones.

Which brings a rich feel to your kitchen or pantry spaces.

These contrasts are perfect for those who love to make a statement and add a bit of drama to their décor.

Flora's Tale Contrasting Still LR

White colour schemes 

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and our whites are anything but basic.

Piglet is a soft white that has just a hint of pink for a warm, playful edge.

Pair it with warm woods or soft greys for a timeless look in any room.

White Clay, a natural white perfect for creating a gentle yet clean sanctuary without feeling too stark.

It pairs beautifully with both cool and warm tones.

Up Up Away is a cool, calm and collected hue that is at home in all spaces, brings a breath of fresh air to your space and works wonderfully for a modern, airy feel.

Flora's Tale White's Pairings

Complementary Warm and Cool Neutrals

Warm neutrals are the unsung heroes of interior design, and Donkey Ride and Muddy Boots are no exception.

Donkey Ride is a versatile, stable colour that combines a number of tones, creating a complex, soft beige that feels grounding and comforting.

Pair it with a dusky pink for a welcoming, homey vibe in living rooms or hallway.

Muddy Boots is a fawny-tawny tone of brown that is perfect for kicking off the boots after a long, autumnal walk a rich, earthy brown, adds depth and sophistication.

Combine it with Flora’s Tale to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in bedrooms or studies.

Flora's Tale Neutrals Pairings

For those who prefer a cooler palette, Hopscotch and Rocky Horse offer subtle sophistication.

Hopscotch is a warm, chalky off-white and the perfect neutral, used alone or as a fitting framework for any colour scheme.

Rocky Horse is a soft and luxurious brown, this trusty steed won’t let you down.

Try pairing with warm shades of pink, or a deeper, cooler grey, to exude an elegant feel in kitchens or dining areas.

Hopscotch mood board.

Decorating your home is all about expressing your personality and creating spaces that make you feel good.

Our wide range of colours offers endless possibilities to get creative.

Whether you’re mixing complementary shades, embracing bold contrasts, or keeping it neutral and chic, there’s a perfect palette waiting for you.

So grab your paintbrush, unleash your inner artist, and transform your home into a masterpiece with Earthborn paints. Happy decorating!


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