Close up of bathroom sink and shower with a chair and some flowers and shells as decorations.

REAL HOMES | Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

We all use our bathrooms daily and apart from the obvious uses, your bathroom offers a place to escape, relax and sometimes just hide from the kids! Searches for “home spa bathroom” increased by 190% on Pinterest last year, and the phrase “spathroom” (spa-bathroom, in case you couldn’t figure it out!) has also become more popular.

It appears we’re all seeking a spa-worthy sanctuary to self-indulge in at home. We’ve rounded up some real home bathroom inspiration to inspire you, so you can submerge yourself in luxury in no time…

White sanctuary

You’d be forgiven for thinking that using white, particularly in a bathroom, can sometimes feel a bit cold and almost clinical. But using the right shade of white, can in fact make a bathroom feel the complete opposite.

Abi and Morv, owners of Trevolt (@trevolt), perfectly demonstrate this by using our off white, Feather Pillow in their bathroom. Although considered neutral, this colour has the faintest of warm undertones that immediately enhance the natural daylight in the room.


Choosing our highly breathable Claypaint meant that they could help protect against dampness and condensation in their bathroom without impacting on the fabric of the building.

We think you’ll agree that Abi and Morv have managed to create a sophisticated white sanctuary that evokes feelings of calmness and tranquillity.

You can check out their full home transformation, from derelict electricity substation to beautiful family home, here.

Earthy tones

Using an earthy colour palette in your bathroom can transport you into nature – and what’s more relaxing than that? Think muted shades of browns, blues or greens – as long as you keep your palette cohesive, you’re on a one way ticket to destination RELAX.

Joey’s (@joeykendalbrown) home is the perfect example of an earthy palette. One look at her Instagram grid and you’ll immediately feel an overwhelming sense of calm.

Choosing Donkey Ride for her downstairs bathroom, Joey has been able to create a soft and inviting space that truly feels at one with nature.

Using natural materials for accessories, such as raw wood and stone, help to complete the look whilst real plants add a green accent and breathe life into the space.

For your own earthy palette, why not look at our other natural hues Sunday Stroll, Tom’s Bakery and Paw Print.


Panelling has become increasingly popular over the last few years and for good reason.

Modern properties can sometimes lack character, so adding panelling to a space creates texture and interest.

Particularly with older properties, the addition of panelling can feel in-keeping with the style of the building.

With many styles now readily available, everyone can easily introduce some personality into their homes, including bathrooms.

Playing with the height of panelling can make a room feel bigger whilst also creating a statement.

Jane (@parkplacegower) cleverly shows us how simple tongue and groove panelling stopping at dado rail height, draws the eye upwards adding the illusion of height to her bathroom.

Jane then used our ultra matt Claypaint in Crocky Road for a contrast to the eggshell sheen of the panelling.

If you’re wanting to add panelling to your home like Jane, why not try our Eggshell No.17 available in over 70 beautiful shades.

Deep waters

Using dark colours in a bathroom can have a real impact while creating more of a cocooning feel. A deep and moody colour scheme creates a strong style statement oozing opulence and sophistication.

Sharon (@blacknwhitethatch_1835) demonstrates this beautifully in her home, choosing Hidey-Hole to saturate her bathroom. Our charcoal grey provides the perfect backdrop to a showstopping copper bath, offering a reflection of light in this atmospheric room.

Interested in experimenting with a deeper palette? Take a look at our rich pigmented hues Trumpet, Lady Bug and Trilby.

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