How your colour choices reflect your personality – the perfect colour pairings for your home and nails

Colours surround us, they speak a language of their own, revealing aspects of our personality and influencing our emotions. The choices we make in colours not only reflect our style but also convey subtle messages about who we are. Similarly, the colours we incorporate into our homes can create a mood and ambiance that resonates with our inner self.

We’ve teamed up with award winning eco brand, Earthy Nail Polish, to explore the power of colours and how they can be translated into the perfect palette for your nails as well as different rooms in your home.

Light blues | Icelandic BlueDorothy

Choosing light blue for your nail colour means you’re friendly and approachable. This colour is also ideal for social spaces in the home such as living rooms and kitchens, creating a welcoming and inviting space. Or use it in a bedroom to help create a relaxing environment.

Pale pinks | Mayas roseRosie Posie 

If you’re drawn to pale pinks for your nails, you’ll likely have a subtle and feminine playful energy. Our dusky colour Rosie Posie has a romantic and fun touch, it’s perfect for adding some personality to your bathroom or bedroom.

Green | Nailture GreenSecret Room

Reaching for green shades regularly when painting your nails could mean that you’re adventurous, energetic and enjoy a close connection to nature. Consider using our colour Secret Room in your kitchen, you could paint your cabinets in this colour or incorporate a statement wall to infuse a sense of freshness and bring nature indoors.

Nudes | Pearls of wisdomPeach baby

If you’re drawn to the shade of Pearls of Wisdom by Earthy Nail Polish or similar shades of nudes and neutrals, it shows that you’re elegant and sophisticated. These versatile tones blend perfectly with any occasion and style making similar neutral shades great for home office spaces or dining rooms to create a classic and contemporary vibe.

Reds | Ruby redCan – Can

Reds are dramatic and bold, but they can also be timeless, as shown with Earthy’s Ruby Red. Reds are known to symbolise fire, passion and ooze confidence, making it great for a statement bedroom or to add colour in your living room. Our shade Can-Can is perfect for a statement wall or for incorporating a pattern or edging for a vibrant colour pop!

Greys | Storm GreyNellie

Grey is a great colour for your nails if you’re looking for something chic. Colour psychology tells us that grey brings neutrality and balance which is perfect to paint your workspace or bedroom walls in as it promotes calmness and balance while you work or sleep.

Colours have a profound impact on our lives, influencing our emotions and behaviours in various ways. Whether it’s the nail colour you choose to wear or the hues you incorporate into your home.

Embrace the power of colour and let them reflect your personality in your everyday style and the environment you create in your home.

So, the next time you pick up a bottle of nail polish or want to repaint a room in your home, take a moment to ponder the message you want to convey and let the magic of colour work wonders for you.

Earthy Nail Polish bottles in a row in front of white tulips.

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