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For bare porous unpainted masonry substrates such as lime plaster, stone, pebbledash & concrete.

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Paint colours for north facing bedrooms

23rd November 2020

Bedroom ft. Humpty Dumpty

Have you ever had a room that’s been tricky to decorate? Maybe the colours didn’t look quite how you expected, or everything felt a little dark or dull. Chances are you were decorating a north facing room…

North facing bedrooms can be one of the hardest spaces to decorate. Simply because the light in north facing rooms tends to be cooler and darker, therefore less flattering. Colours that usually appear warm and bright can look dull and even cold in a north facing bedroom. Not ideal for a room that’s supposed to feel calm and relaxing!

Paint colour tips for north facing bedrooms

Just because you have a north facing bedroom, it doesn’t mean you should settle for a space that feels dingy. To help you pick the right shade, we’ve put together some simple tips for choosing paint colours for north facing bedrooms:

  1. Flattering neutrals

If you’re looking for an off-white or neutral paint colour for your north facing bedroom, choose a shade that has a warm yellowy undertone. White Clay is a traditional shade of white with a delicate creamy appearance, which works well in cool lights. Likewise, Maybe Maggie stands up well to cool north facing light with its warming peachy undertone. Finally Sandy Castle, one of our newest shades from the Earth Collection, was inspired sunlight on sand dunes, and remains warm yet fresh in colder lights. Avoid cool yellows that can sometimes take on a greenish or grey hue in north facing light, and stick to creamier off-whites.

White Clay is a traditional white that's perfect for north facing bedrooms


  1. Warm up

Colours with an earthy undertone can work really well in cool light. Humpty Dumpty is a perfect example; it’s a warm ochre that’s incredibly flattering and works surprisingly well in bedrooms.  On the other hand, Crocky Road – another of our new colours – is an earthy neutral that suits all types of décor and would help create a relaxed bedroom space.

Add a warm glow to north facing bedrooms with sunny Humpty Dumpty

  1. Think pink

Soft pink is an ideal bedroom colour, promoting tranquillity and calm. Provided your chosen pink doesn’t contain too much blue, it will help to create a warmth that many north facing bedrooms lack. Rosie Posie is a perfectly balanced pink with a dusky undertone, making it ideal for a more grown up bedroom space.

Rosie Posie is a grown up pink that lends itself to north facing rooms

If pink isn’t quite your thing, anything with a pink or reddish base will work just as well in this type of light. For example, Paw Print is a gorgeously soothing neutral with a pinky mushroom undertone that’s perfect for bedrooms.

  1. Embrace the dark

If your bedroom is small or lacking in light, why not enhance that snug feeling by painting your room in a deep, enveloping shade?  Dark colours may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to decorating north facing rooms. However, shades like Trilby (a warm brownish grey), Trumpet (a sophisticated midnight purple) or Hobgoblin shown here, will help to enhance that cosy, intimate atmosphere of a dark bedroom.

Luscious green Hobgoblin sets a deep cosy tone in north facing bedrooms

  1. Put colours to the test

We’d always suggest testing out paint shades no matter which room you’re decorating. But this is especially important in north facing rooms where paint colour can be greatly affected by the cooler light. Paint out large swatches (as big as you can go) onto lining paper and check the colour throughout the day. You can buy sample pots (along with all tin sizes) from our online shop.

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