Our favourite colour schemes for Colour of the Year 2024 Hopscotch

Sophisticated and calming, our Colour of the Year Hopscotch is a warm, chalky off-white that is incredibly adaptable, working with every colour in our classic palette. We have put together some of our favourite Hopscotch colour schemes ranging from warm neutrals to contrasting cools, inspiring you to bring our Colour of the Year 2024 into your home.

Cool Scheme

This palette best suits south-facing rooms with plentiful, warm, natural light. Flutterby, Teacup, Gingham and Tick-Tock work together to conjure up memories of days spent by the coast. The cool undertones of greys and blues help to regulate the sometimes harsh orange/yellow light of south facing rooms. As a true neutral, Hopscotch ties this scheme together acting as a constant base no matter the light.


Warm Scheme

Inspired by the natural tones of pampas and thistles, Little Rascal, Tom’s Bakery, Cat’s Cradle and Trilby work harmoniously to create a cosy and inviting scheme. It works well in any room, particularly north-facing spaces where natural light can appear cold and dark. Use our Colour of the Year Hopscotch as the blank canvas for building up this warm layered scheme.

Wild Scheme

Wild, playful, and a tad whimsical, this colour scheme will transport you to a field of wildflowers at the height of Summer. Flower Pot, Humpty Dumpty and Can-Can inject a seasonal heat into the scheme whilst Hobby Wood and Hopscotch add a cheerful contrast and keep the scheme grounded. Ideal for adding energy to spaces such as kitchens, Hopscotch provides a neutral base for the bolder colours to really pop.

Refreshing Scheme

It’s a treat for the eyes and your mind! This zingy palette of Cupcake, Cricket and Jemima helps to reduce stress, uplift mood, and re-energize. Hopscotch works particularly well as a neutral background to this colourful trio allowing you to play confidently with colour. Consider using this refreshing colour scheme in bedrooms or offices where an energy boost may be needed.

Comforting Scheme

Find your inner zen with this palette of nature inspired hues. Soul soothing and inviting, our mellow greens Secret Room, Grassy and Seagull sing against our Colour of the Year Hopscotch, creating a comforting and versatile scheme. Use in bedrooms or bathrooms to help promote relaxation and unwind after a busy day.

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