REAL HOMES | Our favourite ocean blue interiors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or seashell!) then you’ll have noticed that ocean blues are everywhere in fashion and interiors this season. Perhaps it’s the need for the comforting reassurance that blue brings or maybe we’re just wanting our very own daily dose of vitamin sea! Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you ride the blue interior design wave in style…

Waves of navy

There’s something alluring about the ocean under the cover of night. Waves of deep navy ripple across its surface, seemingly washing away any stresses and soothing our souls. Toy Soldier our midnight blue can help to mimic that feeling of serenity at home. Working in rooms of any size, saturating your walls with our inky hue will help to promote relaxation whilst making a statement.


Consider using Toy Soldier with splashes of ochre like Humpty Dumpty or Daisy Chain for an energetic scheme. Kelly and Chris @thehousethatbricksbuilt show us how by injecting yellow into their bedroom with a crushed velvet bed.

Aquatic blues

Some people believe that it’s the sky that makes the ocean blue, others say it’s how light is refracted in water. We’re not scientists, but think we can all agree that the ocean and sky go hand in hand. For a sky blue on the brightest of days, take a look at our contemporary turquoise Milk Jug. This punchy, vivid blue lifts any space especially when used with a clean white like Flutterby.


Milk Jug can also be used in a tonal scheme alongside other aquatic blues like The Lido or Bo Peep. Alternatively opting for neutral greys, like Cat’s Cradle, work equally well for a palette that brings balance and harmony to any space.

Coastal charm

Most of us have fond memories of visiting the seaside at some point in our lives. A blue horizon is something that all coastlines have in common here in the UK, instantly refreshing us and evoking feelings of happiness. Skipper, our mid toned blue, has captured this feeling with its coastal charm. Ideal for use in social areas like living rooms and kitchens, Skipper radiates a calm yet positive energy. Consider pairing Skipper with Delilah for a fun contrasting splash of colour. With equal amounts or pink and orange mixed together, our coral hue Delilah is the perfect partner for any blue colour scheme.


For a lighter invigorating blue, take a dip into Gingham. Nick and Nicky @glanrafoncottage use this tranquil hue throughout their guest bedroom. Instantly transporting us to the seaside, the couple have cleverly chosen nautical blue striped fabric to complement the natural materials of wood and stone in their home. If you love this look, be sure to check out our Coastal Charm blog for more decorating tips and colour inspiration!

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