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New Product Announcement – Bonding Primer

1st March 2022

Cottage in Honeycomb

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product Bonding Primer. The addition of this new primer to our range now means that Silicate Masonry Paint can be used over previously painted masonry.

The newly formulated Bonding Primer can be used alongside Silicate Masonry Paint for exterior masonry surfaces that do not need to breathe. This means that our 48 beautiful shades can be used on all buildings. It is available in 2.5L and 5L tins.

What makes Bonding Primer different from Silicate Primer?

Our original breathable Silicate Primer is designed to be used on bare porous mineral-based surfaces such as lime render, stone, masonry, concrete, pebbledash, and plaster. It forms a chemical bond with a porous surface and becomes part of the wall. It cannot form this bond on a pre-painted masonry wall. Bonding Primer provides a mechanical bond between a ‘sealed’ wall and the paint, which allows Silicate Masonry Paint to ‘stick’ to the pre painted surface.

How durable is Bonding Primer?

The Bonding Primer and Silicate Masonry Paint have a similar durability to other masonry paints of around 5-6 years depending on where the property is located.

Can I use the Bonding Primer alongside Silicate Primer for areas of paint I have been unable to remove?

Yes! The best way to address this is to spot prime the patches where the previous paint cannot be removed with Bonding Primer. (Please be aware these patches will not be breathable). Then prime the rest of the unpainted area with Silicate Primer. For the second coat apply a mixture of 20% Silicate Primer and 80% Silicate Masonry Paint over the whole area. Make sure to include the areas that have been spot primed. Then finish with a final coat of Silicate Masonry Paint.

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