Lifestyle for every family

We think that every family has their own personality and your home is the perfect place to showcase this.

Whether you’re a pet pawrent, a 2.4 children family, a mixture of both or something else completely – one thing is for sure, your home gets messy! We’ve been there (and are still there!), which is why we created Lifestyle. Our most washable, durable, splish and splashable easy clean emulsion that withstands whatever life throws its way.

Available in over 70 colours we think there is a Lifestyle colour that fits every family, so which family are you?

The Adventurous Family

Everyone knows an adventurous family. The ones who believe the day should begin before the birds start tweeting. The sunrise is simply their cue to get on with their day which is always jam packed with activities, fresh experiences and exploring new places. All before returning home, re-energising and getting ready to do it all again.

The hallway is the busiest room of the adventurous family’s home. It is the space for storing equipment, supplies and footwear for all their activities and trips. With such a job, comes the potential for knocks, scuffs and marks that can easily be removed with our durable Lifestyle easy clean emulsion.

For the adventurous family, it’s important to have a colour scheme that is bright, fun and helps to lift energy. Our happiest ochre Humpty Dumpty does just that. This perfectly balanced yellow could be used in the hallway to instantly replenish energy levels and help to send the adventurous family on their way to their next adventure.

The Animal Lover Family

The animal lover’s family motto is ‘a house isn’t a home without a pet’ and we couldn’t agree more! Big or small, furry or scaly – everything is welcome in the animal lover’s home. Animals truly rule the roost and animal lovers are simply just lodgers in their own homes.

With mucky paws and wet fur it is important to have a hard wearing and easy clean emulsion like Lifestyle that can resist the curiosity of our furry friends all while being splashable and washable from any muddy mishaps!

Creature comforts are the priority in the animal lover’s home. Every home décor decision takes into account their pawrenting abilities. Thankfully we have the perfect colour for your pets – Donkey Ride. Not only will the animal lover family fall head over heels for the name but this calming and versatile beige will help to create a calming sanctuary for pets. Pearl (@lukearthurwells adorable pooch) couldn’t agree more, as seen here cosying up in Luke’s Donkey Ride bedroom.

The Foodie Family

The kitchen is the heart of the home for every Foodie Family. It’s where they spend most of their time experimenting with new recipes, hosting dinner parties and encouraging budding young chefs to get stuck in.

But of course, after all the fun remains the task of cleaning up spillages and splashes on every surface. Thankfully, Lifestyle emulsion is washable making cleaning up a dream, so the foodie family can get back to what they enjoy most, food!

We think that food injects colour into every foodie family kitchen. As such choosing an airy neutral will act as a clean backdrop keeping the focus on the most important thing – food!

And is there anything more fitting than our mushroom taupe Paw Print?

The Crafty Family

Imaginations run wild in the crafty family. Creativity is expressed through crafting, painting, sowing and writing just to name a few.

Naturally, walls may seem like giant blank canvas for young artists and although sometimes their scribbles may be encouraged, most of the time they are best kept on paper. But your walls can be used as a canvas for creativity, using colour, pattern or murals to inject personality.

The crafty family are no stranger to colour. Anything goes, and they’ll often experiment with different application techniques to create a truly unique masterpiece.

Sadie (@raisingsmallreaders) perfectly demonstrates this with her bold and playful hallway. Alternating Delilah and Rosie Posie for a pretty pink striped effect.

The Nature Lover Family

The nature lover family are never more at home than when surrounded by nature. Colours, materials and furniture are all carefully chosen to create that inside-out feeling at home.

Being out in nature can be messy, which results in muddy boots and wet coats (the joys of Great British weather). And after a wet afternoon being at one with nature, what way better to warm up than a hot bubble bath? Of course, this causes condensation and steam – which means it’s important to have an emulsion like Lifestyle that can be wiped clean and dry flawlessly.

Every nature lover family also needs a nature inspired colour scheme, and what better way than drenching walls in our relaxed mid green Sunday Stroll. Used here in a bathroom, Sunday Stroll creates an inviting oasis that every nature lover would love to escape to.

The Laid Back and Chilled Family

We all appreciate a day of relaxing every now and then, but for the laid back and chilled family this is a regular occurrence. Often found burrowed under mountains of covers with a good book or binge watching their favourite series, they are the experts in relaxation.

The laid back and chilled family like to work smart, not hard. Using our Lifestyle emulsion means with a lick of paint they can transform their home quickly and get back to what they do best – chilling.

The best colours for the laid back and chilled family are those that can be used to create calming cocoons, offering an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Sharon (@blacknwhitethatch_1835) demonstrates this beautifully by using our charcoal grey Hidey-Hole to create a bathroom that draws you in and envelops you making you instantly feel relaxed.

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