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How to decorate with blue

Did you know that decorating with blue is one of the most popular colour choices for our homes? It’s easy to see why with endless options spanning the blue spectrum from pale powder blues, to mid Mediterranean aqua’s right through to the deepest of navy. But decorating with blue is also one of the easiest colours to get wrong – believe it or not, there are some rules that should be considered when choosing your next blue shade! Don’t fear, we’re here to show you how to decorate with blue so you can get started on your next project.

Best blue for north, south, east and west facing rooms

Colours can appear different from one room to the next (or indeed one wall to another) and that can be down to the type of light that room gets. Finding your perfect blue shade starts with knowing what your room orientation is and what works best.

Blues for north facing rooms


Of all room orientations, picking a blue that doesn’t enhance the coldness of north facing light is a tricky feat. When deciding, you’ll want to look for light blues that have warm undertones to help brighten up your room but balance out the coolness of the light. Luckily, we have the perfect blue for a north facing room, Polka Dot. Equally mixed undertones of red and yellow form the base for this easy going blue, meaning it’s perfectly balanced for cool light so you can enjoy decorating with blue, even with a north facing room.

South facing blues


If you have a south facing room, you’ve hit the lighting jackpot! Any colour, including any shade of blue will look great. However, if you do find that you have a south facing room that gets a lot of intense warm light, consider opting for a cool, highly pigmented blue like Skipper or Bobble Hat.


Best blue for east and west facing rooms


An east facing room gets lots of yellow light in the morning before gradually going cooler throughout the day. West facing rooms have the opposite effect with light starting off cool and gradually getting warmer. So, in this case you should consider what time of day you’re likely to spend most of your time in that room, then decide if you are wanting to offset yellow light or enhance it with your chosen blue.

Picking the right blue for the right room

It’s important when choosing a blue to consider what type of energy you want to inject into the space. From cool and calm to bright and energetic, your choice of blue can subconsciously have an influence on your mood, without you even realising it.

Social spaces such as kitchens, dining and living rooms will be better suited to cheery blues like our Dorothy or Gingham. These true blues can be used to instantly lift energy and brighten up spaces.

Looking to use blue in your bathroom? Then you’ll want to dial down the energy by opting for a blue that’s more subtle, promoting tranquillity.

Bo Peep is our palest of blues and is ideally suited for calming bathrooms and bedrooms.

Deep, midnight blues like Toy Soldier, also work well for a relaxing bedroom, creating a cocoon that cradles you to sleep.

What colours go with blue?

So, you’ve chosen your perfect blue and want to work it seamlessly into a colour scheme. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that most colours work with blue.

Warmer tones such as our orange Freckle and pink Rosie Posie, can help to balance out the coolness of blues, particularly in rooms where natural daylight may be limited.

Kirsty Merret (@labelsforlunch) puts this into practice using Milk Jug to saturate her walls and adding pops of pink through a gorgeous floral wallpaper, creating a bright and inviting space on her landing.

Earthy colours when used with blue make for a harmonious pairing. Consider shades of brown or black such as Muddy Boots, Crocky Road and Hidey-Hole for a palette that’s the epitome of sophistication.


For an elegant look, pair blue with light neutrals such as White Clay or Flutterby. This timeless combination will make for a revitalising and fresh colour scheme, reminiscent of days spent by the coast.

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