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You’ll need to use either Silicate Primer or Bonding Primer before applying our Silicate Masonry Paint.

Silicate Primer

For bare porous unpainted masonry substrates such as lime plaster, stone, pebbledash & concrete.

100ml Tin


2.5l Tin


5l Tin


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Bonding Primer

For masonry substrates with previous masonry paint application.

2.5l Tin


5l Tin


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How to create a mood board

6th December 2022

Sunday Stroll mood board.

How to make a mood board

Our new Claypaint swatches are the perfect addition to your interior design mood board!


Why should I create a mood board when decorating?

Creating a mood board is an amazing way to get inspired and start planning your next project. From colour schemes to patterns and textures. Mood boards can be helpful to create a clear idea of what your space can look like before you start shopping around.

Begin your mood board by finding images of spaces that you can see yourself living in and that inspire you. Pinterest is an amazing resource for creating mood boards and for getting interior design inspiration, check out our Pinterest page for even more interior design and decorating inspiration for all different types of spaces.

Collect images of furniture, décor, and accessories that you like as well as paint and fabric swatches. Once you’ve brought all these together, it’s time to start making your mood board.

mood board

Step 1: Choose a core colour

The first step to creating the perfect mood board to help you choose how to decorate your home is through choosing a core colour.

Usually when you choose to decorate your home, you will have a colour in mind which can then be narrowed down to specific paint shades.

Our new Claypaint colour swatches are an amazing way to see what your walls can look like before committing to painting your walls.

Step 2: Find your dream home images

Adding images of what your dream home would look like into your mood board often keeps you on track of your vision.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with décor ideas, so choosing one or two images that you can imagine being your own home and adding them to your mood board is the best way to go.


Step 3: Layer

When creating a mood board layering is your best friend. It allows you to see which fabrics work the best with which colours etc.

Don’t be afraid to pair things together that you don’t think go, because that’s the whole point of a mood board. Experimenting!

Always keep your dream home images at the forefront of your board, just so you can reference as you go along.

Step 4: Finishing touches

All you have left to do now is add any finishing touches, including any accent colours, fabrics, or furniture pieces to your board.

And that is it. It was that easy! You now have a complete plan of exactly what your home will look like, and even feel like.


If you’ve created an interior design mood board using our Claypaint colour swatches make sure to post them on Instagram and use the hashtag #EarthbornByMe

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