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How much paint will I need?

17th September 2015

We’ve all started a project and then wasted time going back to the DIY store because we haven’t got enough paint or we’ve run out of sand paper or masking tape. One of the best ways to enjoy decorating and avoid making it stressful is to ensure you are prepared and have everything you need before you start tackling the project. That includes making sure you have bought enough paint for the area you are painting.


Working out how much paint you need might seem difficult if you aren’t used to it but it doesn’t have to be complicated.


It might seem obvious but start by measuring the room – the height and width of each wall you intend to paint.


Width x height = the surface area




Add the surface areas of each wall together then measure doorways, openings and windows etc. Calculate the surface area of these and then deduct them from your total.


Once you have this total we’d advise adding 10% to allow for variations. Coverage will vary slightly depending on the surface and how it is applied. (Sometimes it is good to have a little bit left over in case you want to touch up an area at a later date, particularly if you have a busy home with small children!)


Once you have the square meterage of the area you plan to paint then divide by the number of square metres covered by a litre of paint. This will vary by type and brand. The below calculations is coverage for one coat, please allow extra for additional coats.


• Earthborn Claypaint gives coverage of approximately 10m2 a litre
• Earthborn Eggshell No.17 paint covers 14m2 a litre




Don’t forget the paint you will need for the ceiling and any woodwork. This might be obvious but to calculate the ceiling measure the floor area. (Much easier than trying to measure the ceiling!) If you have a textured ceiling you’ll need to allow for more paint.


By taking time to calculate the paint you need and planning your project before you begin you’ll find you save time in the long run. We’d love to see the end results. Share your pictures of your Earthborn projects with us on social media.

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