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Guest blog: Stylist Katie Sellers on how to decorate with blue

21st March 2017

Decorate with blue

Of all the colour groupings in the Earthborn range, our blues are probably the most popular. Blue, after all, is one of the most versatile colours around and there’s certainly a shade of blue for every taste. We were pleased as punch when top stylist Katie Sellers chose to use our dramatic Toy Soldier for her gorgeous new bedroom makeover, and here she shares the story of her chosen colour scheme.


IMG_0093TOY SOLDIER with text


Blue. Show me any hue and chances are I’ll like it. And my home is testament to this. Smokey, teal, indigo, sky…. All these shades and more are prevalent. I’m not coveting a particular trend as in the past 10 years I have decorated 3 bedrooms in 3 different tones of blue. Predictable maybe but in all its’ guises, a blue space proffers a tranquillity with either drama or serenity depending on the impact you’re hoping to exude.


A recent decision to renovate instead of move has led to the transformation of our Master bedroom, Dressing Room and En Suite (along with the rest of the house. And before you wonder, yes, Earthborn’s greyed Nellie runs up the 4 flights of stairs).


As with any new decorating scheme, I often start with an object, which inspires and dictates the direction. In this instance, it was the tiles in our Victorian fireplace which I was adamant I would match the walls to (not original to our home but was sourced in an antique shop years ago. The reason for my buying the said piece; the blue tiles).


IMG_0105 IMG_0104


Previously the bedroom had been a cooler palette so this time I wanted to add more oomph and search for the perfect rich blue, echoing the tiles intensive shade. And Toy Soldier came up trumps.


The matt finish of the Lifestyle Emulsion draws out the glassy surface of the tiles, now making it the focal point to the room. I chose not to embrace the trend of matching the woodwork with the walls, as I wanted a crisp distinction with the existing white elements in the room. And I was determined not to get carried away with the re-invention and hanker after new furniture and furnishings. So the paint had to have the impact of New and allow for a re-jig of decorative touches, which would make it feel like a completely new space. And it certainly has done the trick.




Eschewing the well-trodden trend of a contrasting feature wall, I chose to make a statement of the colour by curating a display of mismatched plates that ‘hang’ well together thanks to the backdrop of Toy Soldier.


IMG_0022 crop


My ever-evolving collection of nick-nacks, now look more purposeful with the deep blue anchoring their inclusion. Which then led to the hunt for the ‘perfect’ blue tile for the en-suite.


IMG_0074  IMG_0077


I didn’t want the bathroom to be seen as a completely different space. So the blue, white and black details from the bedroom had to flow through.


My sentimental streak meant that my Art Deco mirror I’ve lived with since a young child was the centrepiece to this space, flanked by a deco-inspired wall light and black handled sanitary ware, which has succeeded in a contemporary feel. The textural elements in the bedroom were echoed with the variety of tile shapes used, ensuring that the tactile nature of the whole scheme continued.




The fireplace again influenced my choice of the blush colour in the Dressing Room, particularly effective in contrasting with the striking presence of the Toy Soldier.


With my Great-Great Grandmothers brass jam pot now residing in its full ‘succulent’ glory on the newly tiled hearth and facing the oversized Brass Senegalese plates belonging to my Great Grandad, little details like this add a personal touch and also show that trends are cyclical, with Brass being very much the metal of choice right now.




The mixing up of Victorian, Art Deco and Vintage pieces alongside current details very much sums up my style. If you like it, just use it. Don’t feel confined to specific categories but use colour to bring it all together. I salute you Toy Soldier!

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