What is the EU Ecolabel?

The EU Ecolabel is an independent accreditation system for goods and services that meet the strict environmental criteria of the scheme. There are a number of accreditations available but the EU Ecolabel is unique because it is truly independent of any profit making organisation and not an accreditation that can be ‘bought’.

Earthborn is the proud holder of the first UK licence for Indoor Paints and Varnishes. The following Earthborn products are licensed to carry the EU Ecolabel (Licence UK/044/001):

Lifestyle Emulsion
Eggshell No.17
Eco Chic Claypaint for Furniture
Ecopro Matt Emulsion
Ecopro Low Sheen Emulsion
Ecopro Eggshell

Head here to read more about the EU Ecolabel.

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