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Which type of paint is suitable for use over interior lime plaster, lime wash or lime rendered walls?

For interior walls and ceilings that contain lime, Earthborn Claypaint is ideal because unlike most other paints, it does not reduce the breathability. Conventional vinyl emulsions would partially seal the surface, causing potential problems for the building fabric and the likelihood of the paint ‘blowing off’. Claypaint allows the walls to breathe and offers a viable alternative to lime wash.

A few simple steps should be taken before applying Claypaint to a lime surface:

  • Lime render or plaster needs to be fully cured before painting. The best person to advise you is your lime provider, however as a general guide allow at least 1 month curing for every 5mm of thickness. In poor drying conditions this time period may be extended.
  • Before painting make sure the surface is stable (not flaky or powdery).
  • Slightly moisten the surface before applying the first coat of paint – a water spray bottle is perfect for this.
  • When painting onto cured new interior lime plaster, dilute the first coat of Claypaint with around 20% water followed by a full coat.

Head here if you have questions about exterior surfaces.