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What is the difference between Earthborn Crackle, Furniture Glaze and furniture Wax?

Earthborn Crackle, Furniture Glaze and Furniture Wax are designed for upcycling and furniture painting projects:

  • Crackle is a water based, oil and acrylic free medium perfect for creating a textured crackle effect on painted furniture. Use in between two contrasting Eco Chic paint colours for the ultimate crackle look. For tips and inspiration on using Crackle, click here.
  • Furniture Glaze is a water based, clear glaze designed to protect painted pieces from everyday use. Introduced as an alternative to our soft, clear Furniture Wax, Earthborn Furniture Glaze offers a higher level of protection making it ideal for busy family life.
  • Furniture Wax is a buttery soft wax designed to protect both painted and unpainted wooden furniture. Made from a high percentage of natural waxes, it doesn’t give off that tell-tale unpleasant smell associated with most furniture waxes. It’s easy to apply with a soft cloth or brush and buffs to a soft sheen when dry, helping to protect furniture whilst giving it that coveted hand-finished look.