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What is the difference between acrylic and mineral based masonry paint?

Acrylic masonry paint is a relatively inexpensive paint that’s quick to apply and can go over any previously painted surface. It is ideal for a quick refresh on previously painted, modern properties.

Due to its plastic content however, these ‘modern’ masonry paints have a low level of breathability meaning water vapour can’t easily pass through the painted surface. Invariably over time, water will find its way through hairline cracks in the surface where it can become trapped in the walls, eventually causing the paint to flake and bubble.

Earthborn Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint on the other hand, has a breathability level similar to that of limewash, making it ideal for older properties, conservation projects and lime render. It is regularly used on listed buildings and heritage properties. A chemical reaction with the mineral substrate means that when used together, the paint and primer form part of the surface, so it is highly durable and weather resistant. It won’t flake off and unlike limewash doesn’t need reapplying every few years. Silicate paint is naturally alkaline so resists algae growth and is non-yellowing.

It has to be used on unpainted masonry surfaces to allow the paint to properly bond to the surface. It’s easy to apply and quick drying, but for more information on how to use the system, head to our product page.