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What is Earthborn Wall Glaze used for?

Earthborn Wall Glaze is a highly versatile, water-based medium with a range of uses:

  1. When diluted with water it will bind powdery or dusty surfaces prior to painting. Because it’s highly breathable, it’s especially suited to stabilising old or powdery lime plasters. We’d always recommend removing as much loose and flaky material as possible before applying, but using a diluted coat of Wall Glaze will help to prepare the surface ready for painting.
  2. Applied on top of Claypaint, Wall Glaze provides a hardwearing, durable finish whilst remaining breathable. So if you have used Claypaint on lime plaster, you can be assured that Wall Glaze will remain breathable (when diluted in the correct ratio) and give the painted surface some extra protection!
  3. Wall Glaze is ideal for protecting bear interior brick or stone walls.
  4. Wall Glaze is the perfect medium for mixing with our range of powder Pigments. If you’re feeling creative, you can create a myriad of effects including broken colour work, colour washes and marbling. Simply mix your chosen Pigment shade into a little water to create a paste, then mix into the Wall Glaze until you achieve the desired depth of colour. It can be applied with a brush, sponge, rag or other technique.