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What can I do with leftover paint?

If you have left over paint, there’s lots of ways you can use it so that it doesn’t end up at landfill. As all of our Classic Range paint finishes are water-based, quick drying and carry the Toy Safety certification, they can be used on furniture, toys and smaller paint projects – head to our blog for inspiration.

Even a small amount of paint can be put to good use; you could paint picture frames, chair legs or inside a cupboard to add an uplifting dose of colour and tie in with your new colour scheme.

For leftover sample pots, take a look at this easy tutorial.

If the thought of getting crafty doesn’t appeal, consider donating your unused paint – friends, relatives or even local schools might be happy to have it. Alternatively, many local household waste recycling centres have paint donation points where leftover paint is re-used under the Community RePaint Scheme. Check out RecycleNow for more information.

Finally, if you aren’t able to use or donate your leftover paint, it’s important to dispose of it responsibly. Liquid wastes are banned from landfill sites, so let your paint harden off completely by removing the lid before taking it to your local waste recycling centre. To ensure the paint is fully hardened before disposal, you could add sand, sawdust or paint hardener. Never put residual paint down the sink or toilet or into a waste bin and check with your local council for more information about waste disposal in your area.