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Is Silicate Masonry Paint available in black, or can you mix bespoke Silicate Masonry Paint shades?

We are unable to mix very deep shades such as black in our Silicate Masonry Paint finish. This is because the high level of colourant needed to achieve dark colours would compromise the breathability and technical properties of the paint.

However we are able to mix certain shades and this is something we offer on a case-by-case basis. We require a colour swatch or reference to match to; this can be a physical paint swatch supplied on a piece of card, a colour swatch such as fabric or wallpaper that clearly displays the colour, or a reference such as RAL or NCS. Please note we aren’t able to guarantee an exact match to any shade.

Please contact us directly if this is a service you would like to discuss – please note it can take up to a few weeks.