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Is Earthborn paint suitable for interior brick or stone?

We’d recommend using Claypaint on interior brick and stone walls. Its high clay content and thick, creamy consistency ensures great coverage and high breathability, with a flattering, super matt finish.

As bricks are more textured than plain plastered walls, it’s easier to apply Claypaint with a brush. Diluting the first coat with up to 2 parts water to 8 parts paint will help achieve a consistent finish. Apply one further undiluted coat for full coverage.

Before you apply any paint however, check the surface is sound and secure. If the brick or stone is dusty to touch, Earthborn  Wall Glaze will help to bind the surface and prevent dustiness, whilst maintaining a level of breathability.

If there are any signs of staining, a stain blocker will prevent this from bleeding through the paint. It isn’t always necessary, but if that’s the case on your interior brick wall, use our Isolating Primer over dry stains to ensure your paint has a perfect finish.

Claypaint doesn’t require a top coat, but if you feel that your painted bricks need to be a bit more hardwearing, you can also use a watered down coat of Wall Glaze as a protective finish.

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