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How do I apply Eggshell No.17?

Eggshell No.17 can be applied by brush, roller or spray. For best results paint onto untreated, bare wood. Wood surfaces should be prepared with Earthborn Multi Purpose Primer and lightly sanded prior to application. Follow this with two full coats of Earthborn Eggshell No.17. Sanding in between dried coats will provide an extra smooth finish. Don’t forget to use a face mask and take care if dry sanding.

If painting onto previously coated woodwork, especially those painted with oil-based or polyurethane paints or varnishes, sand well to a matt finish before priming with Earthborn Multi Purpose Primer. Surfaces that have been previously painted with oil-based gloss paints can be overpainted with Earthborn Eggshell No.17 provided the previous coating is thoroughly aged (usually around 3 years).

Full application details can be found on our tins and data sheets.