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Do Earthborn paints comply with Ska Rating?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has launched a system for rating the environmental impact of office fit-outs in the UK. Ska Rating comprises 99 good practice measures across energy and CO2, waste, water, pollution, transport, materials and wellbeing. Depending on the number of measures achieved, and the significance of these from a sustainability perspective, a fit-out can earn a gold, silver or bronze ranking.

Products are either stated as Ska Rating compliant or that they meet specific criteria of a Ska Rating Good Practice Measure. By having been awarded the EU Ecolabel, Earthborn Claypaint, Lifestyle Emulsion, Eggshell No.17, Eco Chic Claypaint for Furniture and Ecopro Eggshell & Emulsions, all comply with the criteria of Ska Rating. This means that the project can achieve that specific measure, which in turn helps it to achieve a Ska Rating.

The system has been designed to be accessible to both large and small organisations. All information about the rating method, criteria and best practice guidance are available here.