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Are Earthborn paints VOC free?

Volatile Organic Compounds, known as VOCs, are carbon based chemical compounds found in most paints. VOCs are harmful to health, the environment and contribute to global warming. It is a legal requirement for paint labelling to state the VOC content of the product.

The VOC content in Earthborn paints is negligible. However recent legislative recommendations issued by the British Coatings Federation mean that UK paint manufacturers should no longer advertise or label their paints as being 100% VOC free. Although our paints do not contain any intentionally added VOCs, there are certain processes during manufacture (for example, when washing the clay) that are, unfortunately, beyond our control and could contain trace levels of VOCs.

At Earthborn we take an open, honest approach to the marketing of our products. Therefore we have taken the decision to describe our products as virtually VOC free.

It is important to remember that the VOC content is one of many criteria determining whether or not a paint is an eco paint. Not all paints declaring low or zero VOC content are the same and that unlike Earthborn paints, other paints can (and normally do) contain other ‘nasties’ such as acrylic softeners, ammonia or formaldehydes. Earthborn paints are free from acrylics, oils and vinyls.