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Are Earthborn paints fire safe or flame retardant?

Earthborn Claypaint has achieved a Class ‘0’ reaction to fire rating, the highest classification of reaction to fire safety. The testing was carried out by WarringtonFire, the market leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

Reaction to fire looks at the combustibility and ignitability of a material i.e. its contribution to fire development and spread, rather than its ability to resist the passage of fire. How a fire develops in the very early stages is of crucial importance to ensure safe evacuation, whether you are in a plane, car, boat or building.

In many homes, especially where paint is being used in areas that could become hot (behind wood burning stoves for instance), it’s reassuring to know the paint you use won’t exacerbate the spread of fire, should the worst happen. For some projects such as new builds, having a certified paint is required.