Our favourite easy clean paint colours for the crafty family

Walls may seem like a giant blank canvas for artists young and old. Most of the time these scribbles are best kept on paper, but why not treat your walls like a canvas and inject some personality into your home.

For a family who loves to experiment with colour, we’ve hand picked some of our favourite easy clean paint colours.

Polka Dot

Perhaps the only dot you want on your walls, Polka Dot is our most versatile and easy going blue.

With the inspiration for this Wedgewood style blue taken from creative origins in pottery and ceramics– it makes sense that this is one of our favourite colours for the crafty family.

To see this beautiful wall mural come to life, check out the video on our Instagram channel.

Daisy Chain

Artists and creative folk take inspiration from the world around them to create their masterpieces and the crafty family is no different (we aren’t either!).

Daisy Chain is our stunning hue inspired by the natural yellow of wildflowers. This bold colour isn’t for the faint hearted which is why we think the crafty family would appreciate its beauty.


Every crafty family needs their own creative space to escape and allow imagination to run freely, which calls for a positive colour that encourages creativity.

Delilah, our flattering coral, not only works fabulously in smaller spaces but subtly helps increase energy levels, meaning endless hours of artistic fun.

Peach Baby

For a less intense colour that is still super positive, the crafty family may prefer Peach Baby.

Our delectable peach works in all spaces, radiating a calm yet playful energy. It’s the perfect backdrop to display those works of art.

For a fresh scheme, we recommend using with White Clay, that easily cleans scuffs and marks when painted in our Lifestyle emulsion.

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