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Earthborn #claymate Q&A: Emma Jane Palin

24th April 2020

Emma Jane Palin's Bedroom

Last year we asked some creative interior bloggers to help spread the word about our signature product Claypaint. Aptly dubbed our Claymates! Hopefully you followed along across our (and their) social channels to see how they used Earthborn in their homes. Perhaps even got inspired to decorate your own homes in the process?!

Our brilliant #claymate Emma Jane Palin created some beautiful rooms with Earthborn Claypaint, remember that Delilah bathroom?!

Pink bathroom painted in Delilah

Emma also showed us how you can transform a room with really cool hand-painted murals and stripes using the Claypaint palette. Click to read our post about her interior decorating projects, if you want a refresher. Or head to her blog for loads more decorating inspo.

You can therefore imagine how excited we were to have Emma takeover our stories on our Instagram. As part of the weekend takeover she showed us how to achieve beautiful scalloped stripes and answered questions on colour and DIY home painting. If you missed it we’ve popped some of the Q&A’s below, for the full takeover take a look at our Instagram highlights 

Q&A takeover with Earthborn Claymate Emma Jane Palin

What do you use to get nice clean edges on your patterns?

I use Frog Tape but you can use any low adhesive decorators tape. The trick is to run some kind of credit card along the edges before painting.

I want a nice neutral but not white, what would you suggest?

I personally view pink as a neutral, so I’ve used Cupcake in a lot of my projects. It’s more of a pinkish white and you can tone that up or down with your décor. I also love Little Rascal as something a little more mature.

Styling tips for a living room in Earthborn Cricket?

Cricket is quite a pastel green. I would go all out and pair with other pastels – pops of pink and lilacs and maybe some orange.’s house is perfect to look at for this!

We’ve just vaulted the ceiling in our master bedroom, and have 1 north facing small window, what colour options would you suggest?

I have exactly the same in our bedroom. It’s a vaulted loft bedroom with two small skylights on one side. I went for a very light shade, but I think you could go for a dark shade too. It’s down to personal preference.

Do you think people should paint their skirting boards, woodwork etc to match the wall colour?

Personally, I think yes, you should paint wood and skirting to match walls because I think that’s much more contemporary and looks cleaner. But I also think it’s down to taste. There are no set rules.

What colours do you think will be big this summer? I need some inspo for my lounge!

I think that earthy colours are much more on trend at the moment, which obviously Earthborn are great for. Rusts, pinks, oranges and others. But don’t follow trends because that’s what is big at the moment.

You seem to be a big fan of Earthborn, what do you love the most about their paint?

I do love Earthborn, you are correct! I love the fact that it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t stink the house out, has good coverage. I’ve used far more expensive paint brands that haven’t done the job.

I’m a neutrals person, how can I add some colour easily?

I’m also a neutrals person when it comes to paint. I add colour via my stripes and murals, and via décor, but I do prefer a neutral base on the wall. Obviously, Delilah was an exception, but I think that’s because it’s a bathroom and you can go more wild in those rooms as you don’t sit in them for long. I think just be brave and add colour where the room can handle it.

Do you think certain colours go well in certain rooms?

I have studied a lot of colour theory and I do think there’s something behind it, but I also think it’s a lot of personal preference. You know the colours/environments that make you feel more productive or make you feel calm and those are the colours that you should be using.

Emma Jane Palin added colour to white walls using Earthborn freckle and Flower Pot

If you love what Emma Jane Palin does (which we are sure you do) give her a follow on Instagram @emmajanepalin and read more on her blog 

We’ve got plenty more to come from our #claymates over the next few weeks…. so make sure you give our social channels a follow, if you haven’t already, and join in with the Q&As!

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