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Earthborn #claymate Luke’s modern furniture upcycle project

26th August 2019

Earthborn Claymate Luke's Eco Chic project

When Earthborn #claymate Luke Arthur Wells told us he was planning a modern upcycle project, we knew he was going to create something very special!

Bedroom revamp


In case you missed it, Luke recently gave his bedroom a sleek, stylish makeover. He used a muted palette of Earthborn paint colours including our new off-white Flutterby and the warm, soft beige Donkey Ride. He also painted the interior of his cupboard in Hidey-Hole, to add drama and depth. Paired with monochrome accessories, Luke’s bedroom revamp is a favourite makeover project on our social channels. You can read about the full revamp here.

Earthborn Claymate Luke Arthur Wells' contemporary bedroom makeover using Earthborn paint

Luke’s modern upcycle project


However, Luke felt that the room still needed a little tweaking, as he explained:


‘When I put the chest of drawers in place, it was clear that along with the colour of the brick on the chimney breast, there was too much of this orange tone in the room that was throwing everything else off. So I decided to paint them with Earthborn’s furniture paint.”


Luke used our Eco Chic paint finish to give his chest of drawers a more contemporary look. Eco Chic is simply Claypaint for furniture; its thick creamy formulation means it covers extremely well and has a lovely, rich depth of colour. It can be used to create a variety of different effects including this smooth, modern finish.


So if you think that painted furniture is only for the likes of eclectic or fussy interiors, think again! Luke has proved that you can easily create a modern upcycle project using Eco Chic furniture paint.

Earthborn Claymate Luke used Rocky Horse to upcycle his furniture

Choosing a furniture paint colour


When it came to choosing a paint colour, Luke decided to run a vote on social media showing his followers a few colour options. Rocky Horse, our luxurious and tactile grey-brown, came out as the favourite. We think it’s the perfect choice for the chest of drawers in his bedroom, adding an extra dose of colour whilst complementing the other muted shades.


He said, “We looked at a few colours, but Rocky Horse seemed perfect as it’s a grey with almost brown/purple tones, which keeps it on the warmer side of the spectrum, while still cool against that orange of the brick. I think it’s definitely put everything back in order in the room.”

Earthborn Claymate Luke's upcycled chest of drawers is modern and stylish

The finished result


We couldn’t agree more and think these painted drawers add to the calm, contemporary feel of the room. Luke finished the painted furniture with a coat of Earthborn clear Furniture Wax to protect the piece and give a beautifully subtle sheen.


If you’re inspired to paint your own piece of furniture using Earthborn’s upcycling products, Luke has a couple of handy tips: “…For a flatter finish, do a few thin layers rather than try do it all in one go. The more you do this the better the result. Also, invest in a few lint free cloths for treating it with the clear Furniture Wax afterwards – this makes it much easier to apply without leaving any bits of the cloth material on the surface.’

Claymate Luke used Earthborn Eco Chic furniture paint in Rocky Horse for his modern upcycle project

And, we’re excited to share that you can now buy our eco-friendly, water based and odour free Eco Chic, along with Furniture Wax & Glaze, online here now.

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