Choosing exterior paint colours for your property

As well as choosing the right type of exterior masonry paint, it can be difficult to decide which colour. Colours that might work inside can appear very different on a larger surface and in natural light. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to choose the right masonry paint colour for your project.

Whether you have a new extension and are painting a rendered wall or choosing exterior paint colours for a period property or renovation project. Getting the shade right is a big decision. Some questions to consider are:

  • What era was your property built?
  • What colours are used on neighbouring properties or those in your local area?
  • Does your property receive lots of sunshine or is it mostly in shade?

The Silicate Masonry paint colour range

Our Silicate Masonry Paint colour range is available in 48 paint colours, offering more choice when it comes to painting the exterior of your property. Plus you can order 100ml size sample pots in each colour, so you can try the shades at home and in natural light.


If your property is south facing and receives lots of bright natural light that you’d like to enhance, a yellow-based neutral, such as Buttermilk or Pampas, both of which will accentuate the feeling of lightness and warmth. These are ideal colours for modern and period property exteriors. Bear in mind that bright daylight may cause exterior paint colours to appear paler than they are, so pale neutrals may look white-ish. If this is an issue, try using a deeper cream shade like Cotswold, which contains a stronger pigment.

House painted in Silicate Masonry Paint.

Examples of Silicate Masonry Paint used on projects by Earthborn stockists Lime Stuff and Mike Wye.

If you’re after a light, balanced neutral, our classic White is a traditional white shade that’s not too harsh in natural lights. Alternatively, Pebble has a hint of warm grey making it a perfect colour for any property type, especially modern houses, and it’s also a great colour for walls that are often in the shade.


Many of our masonry paint colours, including a number of pastel exterior paint colours, have been formulated to reflect the traditional masonry shades that are often connected to a particular region or county.  For example, Suffolk would be perfect on seaside properties.

Take a look at our range of exterior masonry colours and choose your favourite.

*In order for the system to work correctly and form a bond with the substrate, Silicate Masonry Paint and either our Bonding Primer or Silicate Primer should be used together. Tester pots are recommended for colour testing only.

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