Prince’s sustainable show homes

Three eco friendly show homes built by The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community were a major attraction and the 2014 Ideal Home Shows in England and Scotland.


The three houses all formed part of the first ever ‘Prince’s crescent’ and will become permanent homes on the Dumfries House estate, underlining the focus on sustainable development.

Built to the average UK new build square footage, The Cottage, The Family Home and The Baillie Scott Home took different approaches to demonstrating the flexibility of modern, eco friendly design.

All the properties can be built according to the Prince’s Foundation’s Natural House model that is 70% more efficient than current building regulations require. Unlike many eco homes, which rely on complex technology and systems to achieve their eco credentials, the Prince’s Natural House model use a combination of the best traditional building methods and new techniques and technologies.

Earthborn paint was chosen for all three homes as its advanced formulation achieves high performance as well as outstanding eco credentials.

The paint was specified by stylist Annabel Bertie. A spokesperson for The Prince’s Foundation said ‘We are delighted that Earthborn has come on board to be our preferred paint partner in the Prince’s Crescent. We believe that healthy homes are an important part of modern sustainable living, and high quality eco friendly paints form an essential part of that.’

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