Preserving historic building in carbon neutral village

Refurbishment of an historic building in a village bidding to become the UK’s first carbon neutral communityhas been completed with Earthborn paints. The Parish Rooms, a popular community facility in Ashton Hayes, Cheshire, needed repainting following the installation of a new damp-proof course and replastering.


The building, constructed primarily of sandstone, is located in the village’s conservation area. The Parish Council was keen to use products that were sensitive to both the historic fabric of the building and the community’s carbon neutral initiative.

Earthborn Claypaint and Eggshell proved ideal. Being completely VOC and acrylic free, they do not give off carbon emissions, while their breathability means they work in harmony with the fabric of the building which is prone to damp.

Earthborn Paints are amongst the most breathable on the market, providing minimal resistance to the water vapour as it seeks to migrate through the coating and evaporate into the air. Earthborn paints allow walls to breathe – working with nature, not against it.

Earthborn Managing Director John Dison explains: “Acrylic paints can provide an unwelcome barrier to the damp in the wall, virtually sealing the surface of the wall. But you cannot seal in the damp for ever. With nowhere to go, it will eventually blow the paint and plaster off a wall.

“Whether it be an old wall with inherent damp problems or a newly plastered wall, letting it breathe through the paint will balance the humidity.”

The plastered internal walls and ceiling were painted with Vanilla Claypaint, while Nut Rocker Eggshell was applied to the half timber panelling.

Ashton Hayes Parish Council is spearheading the village’s carbon neutral programme. Parish Council Chairman Pauline Tilley said: “The zero carbon nature of Earthborn paints has helped us to reduce the carbon footprint of our Parish Rooms. Their breathability will benefit the fabric of the building over the years.”


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