Makeover restores beauty of Lady Chapel

Almost 150 years since its completion, the Lady Chapel in Dublin’s St Patrick’s Cathedral is looking fresh and bright again following a cleaning and reordering project.


Founded in 1191, St Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Cathedral for the Church of Ireland and includes very fine examples of Irish architectural styles, from its 13th Century arcades to its 19th Century restoration. The Lady Chapel was rebuilt during that restoration and features stone from Bath, Dundry and Kilkenny.

The work included cleaning the masonry and monuments, removing old masonry paint and cleaning down the lime plastered surfaces. All plastered surfaces required repainting and these included vaulted ribs as well as ceilings and walls. Benjamin & Beauchamp specified Earthborn’s Claypaint for the job.

Project architect John Beauchamp says: “We needed a paint that was fully compatible with lime plaster and highly breathable in order to prevent any issues with damp. A colleague had used Claypaint on a previous church project and recommended it to me. I investigated further and conducted extensive trials with the co-operation of Earthborn’s national distributor for Ireland, Stoneware Studios. I found that the density and opacity of the paint was great for covering uneven surfaces and that it will be ideal for any touch ups in the future because of its low reflective value.

“Stoneware Studios worked closely with us to create two customised shades: one is St Patrick’s Blue, a shade synonymous with the Cathedral, and the other a hint of ochre to integrate with the Dundry stone columns and ceiling ribs.

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