Ecopro Midsheen Emulsion is Lush

Fresh handmade cosmetics company Lush is widely known for its environmental principles and it recently began using the RICS Ska rating system for shop and office fit-outs and refurbishments.


Ska rates the environmental impact of a fit-out regardless of the base building, assessing areas such as energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste, water and material use.

In searching for the ideal paint to help it achieve gold Ska ratings, the Lush Wellbeing Team discovered that Earthborn paints have Ecolabel1 accreditation.

Earthborn Managing Director John Dison said: “We were approached by Lush to develop a paint that met its specific needs. It needed a very hard wearing, washable emulsion. The result is Ecopro Midsheen Emulsion which has been Ecolabel tested and approved.”

Lush’s painting contractor JGH of Poole acted as consultant in the development process. Managing Director Jimmy Howie explained: “Lush liked the properties of eggshell paint, particularly the resilience and cleanability because its factory walls need to be washed daily and its shops and offices are very busy places. But for wide scale application on walls we needed those properties in an emulsion.

“The Lush paint scheme calls primarily for white on the walls and ceilings with a black band around the top of the walls, on which staff can make notes with water based marker pens. Ecopro Midsheen makes it easy for the notes to be cleaned off. For the doors and wood trim we use Earthborn Eggshell wood finish, in white.

As part of the development process Earthborn devised an optimum application system for Lush, using Ecopro Matt Emulsion as the primer for the woodwork as well as the walls and ceilings. The single primer coat is topped by two coats of Eggshell on the woodwork and two coats of Ecopro Midsheen on the walls and ceilings. This approach gives the highest degree of opacity and coverage in the base coat, while the top coats give the cleanability and resilience that’s needed.

Jennifer Hilton from the Lush Property Team, said: “As a business we actively promote ethical products so it was important for us to transfer these values to our property portfolio. Using Earthborn paint has helped us achieve the top Ska rating for our fit-out and refurbishment programme and Earthborn is now our interior paint supplier of choice.”

Ecopro Midsheen Emulsion is now generally available to the trade. It is water based, with no oils or acrylics, breathable and free from all harmful emissions and VOCs which means it is not only eco friendly but also helps create a healthier, more comfortable living or working environment. Newly decorated rooms can be brought back into use quickly because it does not give off any harmful emissions or odours.

With its classic silk finish, Ecopro Midsheen Emulsion is available in 12 classic shades.Bespoke colours, such as Lush Black, can be developed through the nationwide network of Earthborn stockists.

Earthborn’s water based Eggshell is specially formulated to care for wood for longer. It covers well, dries quickly and gives a smooth, flexible yet durable finish that allows wood to breathe and will not fade or discolour with time.

The Ecolabel is the European Union’s stringent environmental standard which covers every aspect of a product’s manufacture, use and disposal.


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