Earthborn attracts eco couture

The world of high fashion meets sustainable ethics at eco couture house Tammam. Offering high fashion with a conscience, all the label’s garments are produced under fair trade conditions and use sustainable, natural fibres or vintage fabrics.


Its clientele includes ethically conscious A-listers and discerning brides.

When the time came to open a new atelier in Bloomsbury, London, Tammam was adamant that the premises should not only look stunning but also be as ethical and eco friendly as possible to match their strict sustainability standards.

Head Designer Lucy Tammam said: “Our first port of call was Earthborn. Its paints are extremely environmentally friendly; they do not contain any oils or acrylics, so are totally free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, which are present in many conventional paints. And, for a busy, design conscious retail and work space, it was important to us that the paints look stylish and are hard wearing.

“We used Earthborn paints throughout: Claypaint on exposed brickwork and a plastered feature wall, Ecopro Matt Emulsion on the other walls and ceiling, Eggshell on the doors and window frames.

“The building needed a major refurbishment so all the walls were replastered. We used rollers and brushes to apply the paints and in all instances only needed two coats to achieve a superb finish.”

All the Earthborn paints used at Atelier Tammam are water based, breathable and free of acrylics and harmful emissions, which will help create a healthier, more comfortable environment for customers and staff.

The fact that Earthborn paints are odour free meant that painting at the last minute was not a problem, helping keep the project to a tight timescale.

Lucy Tammam said: “We held the atelier’s launch party within a few days of completing the paintwork, but there was no need to worry about a paint smell offending our guests. Earthborn paints just don’t smell, even during painting.

“Many guests at the party and visitors since then have been really impressed by the look we’ve achieved with Earthborn paints and how eco friendly they are. I’m delighted to have discovered Earthborn.”

The feature wall and some exposed brickwork were decorated with a sophisticated, warm grey shade of Claypaint, known as Trilby. Claypaint has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in a room, giving a soothing, inspirational effect which will assist the ambience at Tammam.

Earthborn Claypaint presents an exciting alternative to emulsion. The Claypaint’s advanced technology maximises the natural properties of clay to create a high performance, breathable paint. It is available in more than 100 shades and bespoke colours can be achieved by blending these shades with Earthborn pigments.

The remaining walls were covered in Arctic, a cool grey shade of Earthborn Ecopro Matt Emulsion, while traditional white Ecopro Matt was specified for the ceilings. Ecopro Matt looks like a smooth, classic matt emulsion but it does far more than other emulsions. It is breathable, totally free of acrylics, VOCs and other harmful emissions, offers great covering power and provides a hardwearing, anti-static finish. The Ecopro colour range features traditional classics as well as sassy contemporary shades.

White Earthborn Eggshell was selected to care for the atelier’s woodwork. This water based eggshell is specially formulated to care for wood for longer. It gives a smooth, flexible yet durable finish that allows wood to breathe and will not fade or discolour with time. It covers well, dries quickly and requires no separate primer or undercoat.


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