Claypaint on track for Norfolk eco home

A former station master’s house on the Bittern Line in Norfolk has been rebuilt using a range of eco measures to make it both economical and environmentally friendly.


Bought by retired surveyor Chris Dady and his wife Sally, the Salhouse station master’s house was very dilapidated and they opted to demolish and rebuild rather than restore. They pledged to make it a very sustainable project by reusing as many materials from the original building as possible together with a careful selection of eco friendly building products. Chris acted as project manager and he and Sally did a lot of the work themselves, using local tradespeople as necessary. Chris’s specification included high levels of sheep’s wool insulation, photovoltaic panels, an air source heat pump and rainwater flush loos. The structure is oak framed with structural insulated panel walls, oak windows and doors.

All interior walls as well as the pine skirtings and architraves have been painted with Earthborn Claypaint. Chris discovered Claypaint through research at shows and property visits organised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Green Buildings scheme.

Chris said: “Following our experience with Claypaint I cannot imagine ever using another paint. It is a beautiful, thick paint that is easy to apply, has great colours and gives unbelievable coverage. Being water based, it is easy to rinse out brushes and rollers after use. There is no smell from it either, which makes it more pleasant to use than standard paints. As a customer paying retail prices, bearing in mind the coverage, I think the cost was comparable to brand emulsions. The paint has stood up really well to knocks and still looks good after three years.”

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