1st August 2017

How to use Earthborn’s latest colours: Can-Can

Roll up roll up! There’s a new shade in town…


Can-Can is a cheeky ‘Moulin Rouge’ inspired colour that was developed following high demand for a pinkier shade of red. Deep and dramatic, it certainly adds a bold statement to any interior.


Top: Bugle, Stripe: Humpty Dumpty, Bottom: Can-Can


However Can-Can isn’t just all glitz and glamour, it also has a more sophisticated side. Try pairing it with pale greys and warm ochres, and see how this warm-hearted red can create an entrance when used in a hallway, or add intimacy to a dining room. Can-Can is the perfect shade for an inviting feature wall, or choose this shade to give your furniture a makeover with Earthborn Eco Chic.


Head here to order a tester of this dramatic new hue and start planning your new colour scheme!




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