10th September 2018

Earthborn’s favourite fruity paint colours

A Fruity September!


Across the design world this year we’ve seen a lot of brands taking inspiration from the fruits of nature…


Cast your mind back to India Mahdavi’s collab with Bisazza in Milan earlier this year, which showcased exuberant pistachios, strawberries and blueberries. Swoonworthy! More recently, we attended Bleach London’s summer party and came away from the event with SO much fruity hair envy (an exciting collaboration, which we will be talking about more over the coming months!)


So, although we decided against the Peach & Pomegranate hairdo (for the time being…) we started to feel very drawn to our fruity paint colours and decided to share the love with you!

Earthborn fruity inspired eco friendly paint colours Jemima, Peach Baby and Fruit Salad



Earthborn pale lemon yellow eco paint colour Jemima, perfect for nurseries and children's bedrooms


This sunshine shade carries real, zesty energy. A truly versatile colour which works wonderfully paired into a youthful scheme in a children’s bedroom/nursery, or alternatively sings against charcoal greys – a more “grown-up”, retro palette.


Peach Baby


Fruity inspired paint colours like earthborn Peac Baby adds a soft, warm glow and an ideal alternative to grey


We don’t often admit to having favourites, but on this occasion we will – Peach Baby is such a beautiful hue which carries a more subtle, fruity energy – best suited to kitchens & bedrooms!


Fruit Salad


Earthborn bright zingy paint colour Fruit Salad is a pink grapefruit inspired eco friendly paint shade


Fruit Salad screams tropical, fruity vitality – a hot highlight which will bring your space to life. We recommend pairing with bold, geometric prints or funky tasselled textiles.


Embrace the fruity trend and add a pop of colour to your space. Shop samples pots today!


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