Embrace the Barbiecore interiors trend | Interior decorating ideas

Interior design is filled with trends that come and go, but there’s one trend which has captured the imagination of many and is making a sparkle in the design world: Barbiecore.

The unique interior design style draws inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll, creating vibrant spaces filled with shades of pink and a playful aesthetic. Barbie, the world’s most famous doll, has left a mark on popular culture since her introduction in the 1950’s. The pink toned world of Barbie has been a mainstay in many generations, past, present, and future.

Let’s explore why Barbiecore has become so popular and how our pretty pink hues will bring this trend to life in your space.

Why are pink interiors trending?

The Barbie film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is coming out this month and there’s been a lot of hype around it, which has led to a spike in online searches for anything Barbie related. But even before this, the Barbiecore trend has been steadily on the rise.

Traditionally associated with femininity, pink is now being embraced by everyone and is more inclusive than ever before. By incorporating pink interiors, people can express their personality and break away from conventional design norms. The trend encourages people to unleash their creativity and creates a sense of playfulness.

Influencers have also helped popularise Barbiecore and pink interiors, sharing their own spaces and encouraging others to embrace the trend. The visually striking nature of pink interiors make them instantly shareable.

The best pink paint colours

To help you embrace the Barbiecore trend, we’ve selected the best pink paint colours from our range so you can transform any space into a dreamy Barbie inspired paradise.


Our colour Piglet is a soft white with just a hint of pink for a warm, playful edge. It’s often paired with complementary shades such as Rosie Posie and Paw Print or contrasting hues like Inglenook to create a striking visual impact.


Cupcake is a sweet pink, ideal for creating indulgent spaces. It pairs nicely with Fiddlesticks, Ballet Shoe and Lily Lily Rose to create a soft and subtle effect.

Rosie Posie


Rosie Posie is a vintage pink with dusky rose undertones. It is beautifully enhanced when combined with contrasting colours such as Lemony or complemented by bright hues like Can-Can and Eyebright for a vibrant and bright look.




Delilah is a flattering coral hue that sits between orange and pink. It finds softness when paired with hues like Cupcake and Peach Baby or contrasted with complementary colours like Humpty Dumpty to evoke feelings of cheerfulness.

How to incorporate the Barbiecore trend into your home

Anyone can get behind the Barbiecore trend, as shown by Ella Davis and Emma Longden in their recent Earthborn makeovers.

Emma embarked on a makeover of her downstairs toilet into her newly renovated pretty in pink room. She pairs our soft pink paints in shades Rosie Posie and Cupcake. A contrasting splash back and finishing touches tie it together nicely.

Ella used our Eco Chic furniture paint in Delilah and Rosie Posie to upcycle an old piece of furniture. She painted a checkered pattern to perfectly complement her maximalist designed home.


Barbiecore is not just a passing trend; it’s a movement that celebrates self-expression, nostalgia, and embracing the joy of vibrant colours. We’re loving seeing your pink interiors from kitchens to bathrooms and even the exterior of your homes!

Maximalist style décor of a brightly patterned wall behind a checker painted table stacked with books, candle holders and a vase of flowers.

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