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Back to white?

17th June 2015



We’re forecasting that white is going to be a key trend for 2015/2016. White is a universal colour with the power to affect mood and behavior, so its intricacies are not to be underestimated. Often associated with feelings of serenity, purity and cleanliness, white also has the ability to make rooms or spaces appear lighter and larger.


By cleverly layering whites and off-whites, as well as white shades with very subtle cool or warm tones, it is possible to create spaces that have a true sense of ‘character’. The careful use of neutral colour can also act as the ideal tool to highlight architectural features or period detailing. As white tends to throw other colours forward, it acts as the perfect backdrop to furniture, furnishings or artwork.


There are practical benefits as well as aesthetical. As an environmentally-conscious brand, Earthborn suggests using white in areas around windows, which boosts natural light levels and helps reduce the need for artificial lighting.




Here’s our advice for working with whites and tips on which of our shades we recommend for different techniques:


  • Warmer grey-whites are good for showing off favourite pieces of art allowing them to really stand out. Grey-whites absorb light as it moves around a room, therefore appearing lighter the more light that enters a space. Recommended colour: Hopscotch


  • Warmer, creamier whites help to create a feeling of sophistication and intimacy, giving the impression of lower wall heights; especially good in period properties or those with high ceilings. Paint cornice work two shades lighter that the wall colour and use the lightest white to give added impact. Recommended colours: Marbles or Maybe Maggie


  • For North facing rooms use off-whites with a slightly yellow hue as this keeps colder rooms feeling warm. Recommended colour: Maybe Maggie


  • For South facing rooms which are a bit more forgiving, opt for colours with a slightly cooler tone such as Picket Fence, and offset with crisp white woodwork for a really fresh feel. Recommended colour: Picket Fence


  • Whilst East facing rooms can often appear slightly blue-ish, fight the urge to use warm colours in this instance, and choose tones of white that work alongside blue-ish walls. Light absorption levels will change throughout the day and Earthborn’s creamy matt formulation will work throughout the day. Recommended colour: St John


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